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Easy to use

Easy to use

Start your experience with all you need at your fingertips. No need to learn about any complex configurations.

Fast finder

Fast finder

Find instantly anything you are looking for: videos, music, software...

Library and Player

Library and Player

All your downloads are automatically organized. Browse and play anything you download!

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Torrents Downloader is designed to be user friendly, intuitive, and safe. You can search for any kind of content in a direct way. See theprogress of your downloads, control them in any way you want. View your completed downloads quickly from the app.

We know you want to enjoy your videos, music and everything else, and spend minimal time to learn about all the boring details. That's fine, we'll take care of them! Our simplified interface will get you to the point.


With Torrents Downloader you can now download faster than ever before. Thanks to the torrent network, the fastest P2P solution ever made, your downloads will fly.

We take security very seriously. Torrents Downloader uses the award-winning libtorrent library, which will make your download experience safe and secure.

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You need to look no further, all your downloads are classified and ready to play from the app.

We want you safe. In all cases we recommend you use an antivirus to defend yourself against any kind of malware downloaded from untrusted sources.

Browse your downloads, choose from your fine collection and "Play"!